Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is responsible for the issuance of work permit and employment passes. It also governs manpower issues and is the regulatory authority of employment agencies.

Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security savings plan which provides many Singapore citizens with a sense of security and confidence in their old age.

Tripatriate Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) is issued by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment practices in May 2006. These guidelines represent the work of the Tripartite Partners, namely MOM, SNEF and NTUC in working out guidelines which are practical, effective and sustainable for workplace in Singapore.

Singapore Government Online Portal ( provides a variety of services tailored to citizens, non-citizens and business entity such as applying for licenses and permits. It also includes a chronological list of government agencies.

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) provides a one stop service to customers by the integration of e-services with multiple agencies such as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), SPRING Singapore and Singapore Government Network Information Centre (SGNIC).

Singapore Customs is the lead agency on trade facilitation and revenue enforcement matters. It is also responsible for the implementation of customs and trade enforcement measures including those related to Free Trade Agreements and strategic goods.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) – 人力部负责就业准证的签发及劳动力相关事宜,它是职业介绍所的监管机构。

Central Provident Fund (CPF) – 新加坡公积金是一个综合性的社会保障储蓄计划,该计划使大多数新加坡公民在年老时有信心与保障。

Tripatriate Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)  – 三方{劳,资,政} 公平就业实践准则由三方公平就业联盟于2006年发布。三方联盟指的是新加坡人力部、国家雇主联合会、职总机构,制定一套有效,可操作及实惠准则可持续发展在新加坡工作环境。

Singapore Government Online Portal ( – 新加坡政府在线网站为新加坡公民、非公民及商业实体提供如执照申请等各种量身定制的信息。该网站还按时间的前后顺序列出了各政府机关单位。

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)  – 会计与企业管制局,通过多个相关政府机关如新加坡税务局、标新局及政府网络信息中心等集成在线服务窗口为企业提供一站式服务。

Singapore Customs – 新加坡海关是贸易便利化及关税执法相关的领导机构。该机构负责执行海关及贸易执法措施,包括有关自由贸易协定和战略等。