HCCS (Human Capital Consulting & Services Singapore) a specialist in human resources who will make a difference to our clients’ business and its bottom line and we aim to delight and exceed customers’ expectation by providing value added services.

We pride ourselves for being reliable, responsive and responsible for our actions to our clients’ requirements and the community we operate in.

We are trustworthy and we take our clients seriously ensuring our clients’ successes in their business activities in Singapore. We make a difference to our clients’ business through timeliness in meeting our clients’ deadline.

= S M A R T 

We are the first in Singapore to provide services in both English and Mandarin as well as German (on case basis) to cater to non-English speaking clients or clients with little English to be compliant when operating in Singapore.

We have affiliate with an established audit firm located in Singapore to provide prompt and reliable service to foreign business owners in Singapore from incorporation to business operations from initial to monthly maintenance support services if client(s) desire.

Our Vision

Providing a one stop value-added services to our customers, addressing customers’ business HR concerns and periodical support and maintenance to customers at competitive rates, allowing our customers to focus on their business development activities.

Our Mission

Providing business HR solutions and support to an unmet niche market without compromising on compliance and quality operations within Singapore context.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and our culture.

Honesty and Humility (habit) Always

Committed and Collaborate with our Customers to achieve objectives

Consultative, Careful-Caring, and Considerate services to our Customers

Serving all aspects of our customers’ needs with sensitivity and sense of urgency

We focus on

  • The needs of our customers
  • Staying close to the market, observe, learn and listen
  • Accountability – be responsible for our actions and inactions
  • Collaboration – leverage collective genius
  • Leadership – the courage to shape a better future
  • Integrity – be real
  • Passion – committed in heart and mind

We work smart

  • Act with urgency
  • Remain responsive to change
  • Work efficiently
  • Have the courage to change course if needed

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